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On this page, anyone interested will be able to keep up to date with our 'goings on'.
We had a similar page several years ago which was very well received, however quickly became too much to maintain on a weekly basis.
With fewer dogs and events, we are hoping that it will serve it's original purpose and keep our friends and family informed.

March 2012

17 - Marco is awarded WD/BW/BB for three points piloted by Shelley Ford!
- Windsor All Breed T & T Club - judge C.W. Woh

18 - For one more point, Marco goes WD, giving him a total of four points at his very first show!
Huge thanks to Shelley Ford for taking him on for the weekend!
- Windsor All Breed T & T Club - judge D. Conod

April 2012

14 - Marco wins WD/BW for two points handled by breeder/owner Ron.
- Champlain KC - judge P. Smith

14 - Hiccup wins the Hound group for four points handled by co-breeder/co-owner Jenn.
- Champlain KC - judge P. Smith

15 - Marco is again awarded WD/BW for two points, bringing his total to eight.
- Champlain KC - judge R. Smith

15 - Hiccup is awarded Hound group first for five points, and goes on to win BEST IN SHOW!
- Champlain KC - judges R. Smith and P. Smith

May 2012

6 - Hiccup is awarded third in the Hound group, thereby earning her Canadian Championship!
Congrats to co-owners/co-breeders Lauralee and Ron.
- Seaway KC - judge M. Fellows

12 - Captain makes his first appearance in the ring - taking home 2 points in each show - WD/BOS/BPIB!
Congrats to owner Colleen Aucoin!
- Dartmouth KC - judges R. Paquette and J. Reynolds

June 2012

15 - Malacai is entered for one show to get his feet wet, and winds up with BW/BPIB for his first point!
- Kingston and District KC - judge D. Paterson

July 2012

29 - Marco, out of coat, heads to Kingston where Ron pilots him to WD/BW for the final three points
towards his Canadian Championship! Thanks to Shelley Ford for starting him on his way...
- Limestone KOC - judge B. Luxton

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